Monday, June 6, 2011

Whatcha Doin' This Summer?

How about a book club opportunity?

Great news! The Curriculum 21 Ning and Eye On Education are hosting a summer book club for The Passion-Driven Classroom: A Framework for Teaching & Learning by Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold. Join the "Summer Book Club: The Passion-Driven Classroom" group on the Curriculum 21 Ning to participate in the conversation.

Click here to join the group (and join the Curriculum 21 Ning) to take advantage of the reading and discussion opportunity! The book club will begin on June 14th, with a discussion about the Preface and Chapter One.

Still haven't purchased the book? Book club members receive an exclusive 10% off discount code. This code will enable you to purchase the print book, the eBook, and/or the print and eBook bundle for 10% off. If you're interested in multiple copies of the print or eBook, please contact Jon Rothman at for multiple copy discount information.

And as always, use the #passiondriven hashtag to discuss the book club and The Passion-Driven Classroom on Twitter!

Note: Membership in the Curriculum 21 Ning is moderated. To become a member, you must register with a clearly identifiable education or education-related e-mail domain.

Use the code "PASSION21" for a 10% discount!

*reposted from the Eye on Education blog, with permission. (Thanks, Morgan, Amy, and Angela!)

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