Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iPads in Schools / LiveBinder contest WINNER!

Congratulations to Jennifer Wells, Librarian and French Teacher in Indiana, winner of the iPads in Schools / LiveBinders 100,000 hits contest! (Follow her on Twitter) Jennifer has a set of iPads for her students to use, and just received a grant to get 10 more iPad 2’s!

The lesson she submitted is a fusion of Language and Media. Before the iPads, she did speaking and listening exercises for her French students by passing out photos, having the students chat about them.

But once she had the iPads in hand, she put them to use! She started by downloading the LIFE MAGAZINE app--which all photos. It gives students access to some of the most famous and thrilling photographs of our time. Her objective was to get kids to talk in French and get them writing! To do this, she needed to motivate them!

She starts by showing the students the images from different places in the LIFE app. One student opens up the app and selects a minimum of 4 photos to talk about for 5-7 minutes. Another student opens a voice recording app and they chat in French about the images: what happened, why, when, where, how? Many of the images are older, dating back to the World War II era and some are specific to locations or special events. The students discuss and then complete a short writing prompt about of the images they viewed and discussed. For assessment, she grades the writing prompt primarily as well as some credit for speaking. (The writing prompt can be done on the iPad or on a wiki.)

Jennifer noted that her students are more excited about doing activities!

Please stay tuned for more lesson ideas from some of the other teachers that submitted them! And thanks & congrats to Jennifer for the winning idea!

Thanks again too to Tina and Barbara at! We encourage you to visit both the iPads in Schools binder and it’s newest spin-off: iPads in the Content Areas.

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