Sunday, June 12, 2011

Curriculum21: Summer of Success

With the Common Core standards and Race to the Top initiatives looming large over many of our heads and with the wrap up of another school year, it’s time for some rejuvenation and replenishment!

And then, when you’re feeling ready to get your feet wet again with Summer Curriculum Work, Curriculum 21 has many opportunities this summer for professional development, professional engagement, developing your Professional Learning Network, and working with the Common Core standards & Mapping.

There are several opportunities with Curriculum 21 for Professional Development this summer!

Many of the folks on our team are presenting at the ASCD Summer Conference in Boston on topics such as 21st Century Essential Curriculum, Upgrading Curriculum Maps with Digital Tools, Redesigning Assessments for Map Alignment, Administrative Mapping, Mapping ELA to Create a Literacy Framework, A Five-Step Process for Updating and Focusing Curriculum Mapping, and The Curriculum Mapping Planner! ~Friday Sessions ~Saturday Sessions ~Sunday Sessions

The 17th Annual Curriculum Mapping Institute is being held in Saratoga Springs in mid-July. The academies and the institute provide opportunities for over 70 workshops, symposia, think tanks, roundtables, forums, clinics, global video conferences, computer lab sessions, and consultations on topics such as Mapping to the Core, Linking Ubd and Mapping, Upgrading Curriculum for 21st Century Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Mapping, Active Literacy and Mapping, and much, much more! Download the Full Brochure Here.

If you are coming from New York City, consider taking advantage of this year’s Round Trip Bus Service! DETAILS HERE! You can also earn graduate credit for attending CMI. Click here for details.

Professional Engagement / PLN Opportunities:

Join our new Summer Book Club on the Passion Driven Classroom, by Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold. Join the Curriculum 21 Ning, and then join the Book Club Group. There is information in the Book Club about getting a copy of the book using a special Curriculum 21 Discount Code!

The Curriculum 21 Ning is a fantastic place to develop your Professional Learning Network. Participants from all over the world communicate, collaborate, and discuss all that it means to be 21st Century Learning Leaders! You can develop your own blog, participate in discussions, virtually participate in conferences and online sessions, and find repositories of resources that were contributed to by top educational professionals worldwide!

Explore the Curriculum 21 Clearing House. It’s full of Web 2.0 resources that could be useful in your own practice! They are separated by tags to make them easy to sort by content or interest area. Many of the cool web tools that the team discusses in Professional Development are in there, and we’ll be adding much more over the summer! Be sure to check out the Curriculum 21 LiveBinders that collect TONS of resources around topics such as Common Core Crosswalks, using Social Bookmarking, Video Conferencing Resources, and more!

Working with Common Core Standards and Mapping:

Check out this list of resources for integrating/implementing Common Core Standards and working with them as part of your mapping initiative or just in your curriculum work!

Just Right Mapping by Giselle O. Martin Kniep, Ph.D.
Presentations related to the Four Phases of Mapping from Curriculum 21
Mapping to the Core to Unit Design Preview by Ann Johnson
Mapping the Common Core Standards Curricuplan webinar with Janet Hale
Common Core Assessments to Have Built In Accomodations
Share your ideas about Digi-Rubrics by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Also Check out the Curriculum 21 Podcast Channel!

Access it HERE on iTunes. Carry the message of an essential education for a changing world right in your pocket. Stay tuned as we document all of our discussions and travels over the summer!

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