Sunday, December 6, 2009

Storybird for Christmas

I've been playing with a new web tool called Storybird. It's a service that lets kids (or you!) write stories that are prompted by pictures. If you are at all interested in nonlinguistic representation, Storybird is a great starting point. Kids are able to choose a bank of pictures, then choose individual pictures from that set to tell a story. The stories are embeddable so teachers and kids can put them on blogs, wikis, websites, practically anywhere.

Here are some examples:

In My Momma's Arms on Storybird

Not So Long Ago on Storybird

There are additional examples of student work on John Mikulski's blog. (He's a local teacher and used these with his students.) CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS EXAMPLES

With my PREVIOUS POST on Christmas ideas, I thought I would share some of the ones we've made and hopefully inspire you to make your own.  These are a great way to tell stories digitally, get anyone (but especially kids) motivated to write AND read, and are a touching and personal way to share literacy with your friends and family, especially here at holiday time!

We'll be reading ours tonight at bedtime...



  1. So gorgeous~I am sharing and playing~ thank you

  2. Love the idea .. .Lily is lucky to have such a fantastic Daddy!

    Love the idea and have worked on a few of my own ... haven't quite hit the mark yet, though!

    Kids loved the Progressive Era storybird, thought the characters were funny! Definitely a way to get them thinking out of the box!