Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Technology (Gifts, Fun, Resources)

I'm compiling a list of websites that offer holiday themed technology. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments section, and I'm sure I'll be adding to this as time goes on!
  1. Send a free "snail mail" gift card with THIS WEBSITE from the folks at Google!
  2. Create a WORDLE of your loved ones favorite song or wedding vows, print it, and frame it for a unique Christmas Gift.
  3. Visit and trade your used books for "new to you" books. All you pay is shipping to ship your books to another person. When you choose books, people ship them to you for free!
  4. If you haven't visited ELFYOURSELF before, you'll want to go there immediately!
  5. MAKE YOUR OWN SNOWFLAKE with this Flash Website.
  6. Directions for How to MAKE YOUR OWN SNOW GLOBE!
  7. Find the songs that were popular when your loved ones were young and then download them with iTunes and make a custom CD as a gift!
  8. Watch HOLIDAY FAVORITE shows and movies on ABC Family!
  9. Download FREE CHRISTMAS MUSIC in's 25 days of Free Music!
  10. Tell a story online and SHARE YOUR STORY with your friends and family with Storybird.
  12. (NEW 12/07/09) Download 99 Holiday Classics at Amazon for just $5! (You read that right! 99 songs for $5! Great deal!)
I'll add more soon!


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