Sunday, March 14, 2010

Curriculum Mapping Institute in Saratoga this summer!

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Mapping Ipod
So you’ve got maps? Now what?

I’m excited to be presenting this year at the Curriculum Mapping Institute in
Saratoga Springs
this Summer. Besides the opportunity for engagement with mapping professionals, I’m looking forward to face to face interactions with my online network. I’m also looking forward to helping to build professional practice around the mapping work that I’m currently doing in school districts.

In my session, Globalizing: Creating Collaborative Experiences to Upgrade Existing Curriculum Maps, we will look at upgrading skills and assessments on already created maps. We will investigate web tools that foster a dynamic and interactive learning experience through collaboration both locally and globally. We will discover together new ways to show evidence of learning in the 21st Century.

In my other session, 21st Century Assessment: Digital Storytelling, we will investigate an array of fun web tools that will invigorate, motivate, and engage the traditional curriculum. We
will create a toolbox of opportunities so that teachers can pick the right tool for students to show evidence of learning, developing a new framework of assessment practices. If you’d like a sneak peek at the Digital Storytelling materials and some examples, CLICK HERE!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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