Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ELA Modules and Unit Planning Resources

I'm at a Network Team meeting in Albany New York this week with Educational Leaders and Teachers from across the state. The New York State education department is rolling out new curriculum modules aligned to the Common Core for grades PreK through 5. The link to the new stuff is here:

ENGAGENY resources for Curriculum Modules

This is intended to deepen classroom practice and improve student achievement by showing teachers new ways to teach.

I thought it would be a good idea to share some resources for HOW to go about designing modules and units as well:

ELA Template for Trimester-quarterly Modules

Update 10/19/12: The link to K-12 Learning Targets for ELA has changed. (It appears at the end of the embedded document.) PLEASE CLICK HERE to access new link.

If you build it, you will own it. If you own it, you will strive to make it better!

Good luck Network Team participants!

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  1. Just a note: the 3-11 templates were not created by Elizabeth Fisher, and we are trying to find who did create them so that we can properly attribute.