Thursday, August 16, 2012

Math Modules, Learning Targets, and More!

Since I posted quite a few ELA resources yesterday, I thought I would post some math resources today.  There are several items here, including Karin Hess’s Learning Progressions for Math aligned with the Common Core and K-12 Learning Targets created by Carl Jones, Director of Curriculum for Darke County Educational Services in Ohio.

K-12 Learning Targets:

The K-8 Targets include Examples and an example of a possible assessment. Carl really did A LOT of awesome work here!

The 9-12 Learning Targets are from Kentucky’s Department of Education and include Learning Targets, but call them “Reasoning Targets.”

Learning Progressions from Karin Hess:

Cognitive Rigor Matrix by DOK level from Karin Hess:

CCSS Aligned Math Module Samples from other states:

Note that however you decide to start your alignment to the Common Core standards, these resources should be considered as just a piece of the standards-based pie. If you’ve not explored Learning Progressions or Learning Targets before, I know that it can be somewhat overwhelming--just with the sheer amount of information to consider.

If you’d like more information on Learning Targets, ASCD published a book last month about it WHICH YOU CAN FIND HERE.

As I find new stuff, I’ll come back and add it here!

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