Friday, February 18, 2011

Social Justice LIVE!

Social Justice LIVE! is a global action research project where 8th Grade Students in a North Carolina school collect and interact with information from multiple people, as they seek solutions to problems of justice.

Participants, anywhere in the world, can contribute their thoughts anytime between now and Tuesday, and can also join us for the live classroom event on Monday. In order to participate,

CLICK THIS LINK to go to the LiveBinder of resources.

Inside the Binder, you can choose a particular Social Justice issue by clicking on the relevant tab, each of which has subtabs for different ways to interact. You can choose to pose a question/answer in the Today’s Meet subtab. You can choose to leave a comment, relevant image, or response to others’ comments/images on the Wallwisher subtab. Or, you can choose to write a comment or leave a web resource link in the Google Doc subtab.

You can participate in any way, at any level, at any time between now and next Tuesday.

Students will be responding to, interacting with, communicating and collaborating during the LIVE event on Monday, February 21st between 12:00 and 1:00 PM. (EST) The event will be USTREAMED Live (click the link here or in the Binder...) and students will be able to interact with the world audience through live streaming chat and video.

Social Justice LIVE! is open to all...individuals, classrooms, both local and international, kids, adults, EVERYONE! The comments, questions, responses, resources--all interactions, will be data that these students (and anyone else who wants to use it!) will organize and write about in the days after the LIVE event. You can access the students’ blogs by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

We hope you can join us for this Global Event, as we engage 21st Century Fluencies, New Forms of instruction, and unlimited opportunities for learning!


  1. Hello! I hope you get this by Monday. I am an instructional technology teacher in a MS jut outside of Chicago. We have an 8th grade class that just finished a very similar project, so we'd love to attend your event, but unfortunately, we do not have school on Monday (and it's too late to get them the info now, since not all of the kids have email etc).
    Anyway, is there any chance you might be recording the ustream? I was originally going to attend and save it as a screencast, but I don't think I'll be home.

    I know the kids would love to work with your kids in this area, so let me know what thoughts you might have....


  2. Jodi,

    They can still participate on Tuesday and add to the interactive elements in the Binder. Otherwise, the Ustream will be archived and will be available from within the binder!