Monday, February 21, 2011

An Educator's Brief Guide to 21st Century Tools

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This weekend, Heidi Hayes Jacobs posted THIS BLOG POST on the ASCD Edge blog. While her post was about the way we continue to assess the kids with decades old brain had a little brainstorm and came up with the image above. Lately, I've been working in districts where a lot of tools are blocked, but the old standards are still there--though the kids are bored by them. I understand the need for safety, but that is something that is taught through experiences, not through a veneer of protection that ultimately teaches only avoidance behaviors.

Remember that scene in the 5th Harry Potter book where the "Defense Against The Dark Arts" teacher wanted to teach the students text-based things, versus the real defenses they needed and were dealing with outside of school? Pretty decent metaphor for 21st Century skills and learning.

Do you remember how that ended up? Ultimately, the kids just taught themselves, and the teacher was carried off by centaurs.

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