Monday, March 15, 2010


Not able to go to ASCD this year?

That's okay! I've got a little piece of it to give away!

The vendor area was chock full of great stuff and lots of freebies, which I've got a bag full of to share with you!  The conference was a lot of fun with lots of learning and discussion going on.  It was a great opportunity to meet online friends face to face, and chance to see some of the heavy hitters in education today!  We even got to see Flat Stanley at the Alamo!

So, on with the contest!  There are several ways to win, all of which involve visiting one or more of the following...each of which earns you a chance!  (Be sure and leave your Twitter username so that I can contact you if you are the winner!)
  • Visit my Facebook Page and become a Fan.
  • Visit my Consultant Page and leave a comment on the Home Page.
  • Leave a comment on my page at ASCD Edge.
  • Leave a comment here on this blog, in response to this posting.
  • Or send out the following message in its entirety as a tweet:  I'm trying to win an #ASCD Bag O' Swag from @fisher1000 #ASCDDigigogyContest

So, what exactly do you win?
Here's a PIC!

The Bag O' Swag contents include:
  • The ASCD Red Bag!
  • Preview of Paula Rutherford's new book.
  • Flocabulary Sampler
  • Pinnacle Learning Sampler
  • Silver & Strong Thoughtful Classroom Sample incl. poster
  • Mentoring Minds Card Connections Sample
  • PBS TeacherLine Laminated Cards
  • Free Trial of Education City

 We had such a good time in San Antonio--it seemed a shame not to share!

The contest runs through this Friday at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.  The Winner will be announced on Twitter and here on the Weblog within this post sometime after 5:00 on Friday!  Good luck to everyone!

Oh, and P.S. >>> Winners will be chosen by random by assigning a number to each entry, then using a random number generator to pick the winner!


  1. How nice of you, Mike. It was fun to "attend" and participate in your session through the magic of the internet!

  2. Wish I could join you but this is a great giveaway.

    stampcat2 @ twitter

  3. Excellent idea, wish I could have attended but here's my shot at some swag!

    mbcampbell360 -> twitter

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  6. So let me try this again... Thankful for the generosity of others! Way to spread the "wealth" to those who weren't able to attend! @dlfulton