Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Virtual Literature Circles from Works4Me

The following is from an email I get from the National Education Association. They publish an email every so often with tips from teachers about classroom instruction that is working. Today's was about Virtual Literature Circles and I liked the resources that the teacher submitting the tip created on her wiki. If you'd like to join the email list yourself or submit a tip, the information to do so is at the end of this posting...

Free Virtual Literature Circles
From Jennifer Hunt from Tucson, Arizona:
"My students have been using a variety of free technology tools for work on their virtual literature circles. We set up our main website on Wikispaces, and the literature circle wiki can be found at Students not only created and collaborated on their wikis, but they used free technology tools to embed multimedia elements in their wikis, such as VoiceThread to create narrated slide shows, Wordle to create word clouds, Newspaper Clipping Generator to create simulations of newspaper clippings, the Morgue File and the Library of Congress American Memory to find copyright-free images suitable for the presentations, and EasyBib to create bibliographies and citations for the information and images not of their own creation. We had a lot of fun creating our wikis, but we also worked very hard and learned some things the hard way as we went along. We're very proud of our published wikis and like to encourage others to visit and leave comments on the discussion pages." 

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