Monday, April 20, 2009

Building an Online Professional Library – The GREEN Way!

Many of the school districts I work with have professional libraries. These libraries usually consist of professional development books, academic journals, and teacher contributions all housed in a special section for checkout/usage.

Since this is Earth Day week, I thought I would post about a “Greener” way to collect professional development books and documents by using some free web tools!

If you don’t know about it already, Google offers a book search at . You can search all kinds of texts and many are available as FULL TEXTS that you can read directly from your computer! You can view my current library here: . Additionally, you can use Advanced Search to search for either books OR magazines, and you can filter for FULL TEXTS.

Another cool site I ran across is a PDF search engine at
I typed in topics such as “Response To Intervention” or “Brain Based Learning” and found lots of resources!

I’m also an extensive user of Google Reader: . I use it to subscribe to blogs that have an educational or technology focus to help keep up with what’s on the edge of educational technology. Some of my favorites include:

• The Tempered Radical –
• Literacy, Learning, and Sharing –
• Reflections of the TZST Teacher –
• Reflective Creations –
• The Power of Educational Technology –
• WNY Education Associates Blog –
• Writing Frameworks –
• Clif’s Notes –
• Ellis’ Island of Learning –
• Angela Maier’s Blog –
• Cliotech –
• Cool Cat Teacher Blog –

Please add any additional resources or cool blogs you follow in the comments section! I’ll add all of the resources to a wiki and publish the link in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Neat perspective, Mike (although I'm hardly on the edge of anything other than 40). Added benefit--no need to wait for someone to order resources or return them when borrowed!