Saturday, January 31, 2009

7 Things You DO Need to Know (About a New Digital Pedagogy)

  • You need a DLN: A Digital Learning Network.  Optimize what you do as a professional by networking with other professionals through Twitter , Facebook , Social Bookmarking , Blogging , etc.  If you’re unsure of where to start, CLICK HERE .  This is meant to be an extension of your PLN, with a new Digital Lens.  Connections are important--however you make them--and digital connections are easier than ever to make and can have a huge impact on your evolution as a professional!
  • You need to know the difference and perspective behind being a Digital Native  and being a Digital Immigrant , and try to bridge the gaps between the two.
  • You need to become familiar with Google Tools .  Specifically, you should have a Google Account and start investigating what Google has to offer.  There are a wide variety of resources available through Google that can help make your Digital Pedagogy experience much richer.  (Including Google Reader, iGoogle, Picasa, Google Earth, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Chrome)
  • You need to understand that the technology tools don’t drive the content; the content drives the usage of the tool.
  • You need to know that the Internet is full of great resources, but there is a chance that, when working with students, inappropriate words, images, pop up windows, etc. may infiltrate what you’re doing.  How you deal with them in the situation is VERY important, as you model appropriate Internet behavior for your students.  If you don’t show them how to handle things the right way…who’s going to?
  • You need to know that JUST 1 THING is all it takes to start making a difference in your classroom. (Deferring to a previous blog post here …)
  • You need to know that good teaching revolves around content and standards, building relationships, invitational learning opportunities, rapport and respect, research based best practices, and caring about your students and where you will take them on their educational journey with you.  Good teaching hasn't changed.  The use of technology in education is all bonus, but cannot be the basis for what you do.  While technology may help to refine and hone your model, the human factor is still of utmost importance.


  1. I love this, Mike. Tight and pointed recommendations (brevity is not my strength, and I need to get there, I know). I especially like the distinction you make between a PLN (which every human has regardless of whether or not they are connected online) and a DLN which, as you point out, might be established in different ways and certainly requires a different skill set. A skill set we need to master for ourselves so we can give it to our students. A lot to think about here....

  2. Excellent post. I think you've hit the nail on the head as a checklist for those who are moving into the digital age. I especially appreciate how you emphasized the idea that content and pedagogy are at the root of all of this. Without a solid foundation in these areas, all of this is fruitless.

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