Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Core Talk App

One of the best things about the internet is the amount of information available. However, that's also one of the worst things about the internet. Trying to find relevant and useful information is becoming increasingly difficult especially for educators looking for resources that matter to them.

I find a lot of value in resources and apps that sort and curate information for me. It saves me tons of time versus searching for the same resources myself and leaves me time to contemplate how I may use a particular resource, versus putting all of my thinking energy into endless and mindless searching.

I've recently come across a new resource called "Core Talk." It's an APP that collects and sorts information around the Common Core. The information that it collects is tagged in the background so that you can further sort what's meaningful and relevant to you with a couple of taps.

The app collects news and resources around the Common Core and displays it in a news feed format. You can also see those news items that just relate to Professional Development and State Standards. (Some states added additional standards to enhance the Common Core.) You can drill in by state, personalize what you see, and even save those resources in the app that are most relevant to you and your professional practice.

With the amount of work I'm doing around the Common Core, I've found this app to be extremely useful, particularly because I can quickly find relevant and timely resources, save those resources AND share them all directly from within the app.

I like this app so much that I'm making the Core Talk App the "App o' the Month" in the "iPads in Schools" LiveBinder.

If you'd like to try it out, click the icon above or JUST CLICK HERE!

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