Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sneak Preview: Upgrade Your Curriculum - The Book!

Janet Hale and I received the Preview PDF of the new book today from ASCD. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE. It will be publish in its entirety on March 5th and will be available at the Annual Conference in Chicago. Janet and I will be doing several sessions at the conference to support the major elements in the book.

Additionally, if you’d like to join the Upgrade Your Curriculum group on ASCD Edge, JUST CLICK HERE and then click JOIN.

All of the chapters (including the preview chapter!) include discussion questions that we will be discussing on ASCD Edge in the Discussion Forum. (Coming soon!) In the group, we will have conversations about bringing the major points in the book down to the classroom level and helping teachers create and share their own curriculum upgrades.

We are so looking forward to sharing all that Upgrade Your Curriculum means and can’t wait to start a global conversation and collaboration in collectively upgrading each other!

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