Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Virtual Summer Camp for Teachers!

It’s FINALLY here! The 4th Annual Virtual Summer Camp for Teachers has launched and is ready for your exploration! This year’s iteration is through a service called, which is a lot like Pinterest but for educators!


The Virtual Summer Camp for Teachers is an opportunity for anytime learning. Now that school is out for the summer, virtual camping gives teachers the resources to explore whenever they have the time!

This year, the organization of the camp is a little different than in previous years, as each section of the Virtual Summer Camp is split into particular interest areas. Those areas include:

Common Core Resources
Essential Apps for Educators
Webinar and Online PD opportunities
A Virtual Crafts section
& a Mess Hall with fun foods and recipe ideas!

Also, on July 24th, there will be a LIVE component as I host an ASCD Webinar on the Virtual Summer Camp with access to a brand new section around the most awesome web tools to use for instruction. The best part is, the webinar is FREE! Information about registration and content can BE FOUND BY CLICKING HERE!

Also, if you’re interested in previous years’ Virtual Summer Camps, they are all still online and available and can be accessed here:

Virtual Summer Camp Year 1
Virtual Summer Camp Year 2
Virtual Summer Camp Year 3

Happy Camping!

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