Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Day in May

Teacher Appreciation Day is rapidly approaching the week of May 7-12.


  • "Teacher Day is a remarkable occasion for all of us to show our teacher appreciation, whether we are students or we wish to compliment a former teacher, or our kids’ teachers."
More than any other time in my career as an educator, I feel that teachers should be lifted up and celebrated. This year, for teachers across the country, has been a harrowing one. They are responsible for new standards, new forms of data driven instruction, articulating specifically the connections between instruction and assessment, new teacher evaluations, and more! Oh, and they also have TEACH THE KIDS IN THEIR CLASSROOMS!

Much of what teachers do goes unnoticed, because much of it happens outside of school. Teachers put in their 8 hours, and then many work as much as 4 or 5 hours more when they get home: writing detailed lessons, planning for future instruction, grading papers, evaluating writing, and more. Teachers today also have roles beyond the ones that outline their jobs: they are sometimes parents, counselors, coaches, and they may be the only smile a child sees all day.

Teachers are one of our most important national treasures. With the spotlight that is currently on the entire profession and the microscope under which all educators work, it is important to continue to let them know how appreciative we are that they do the jobs they do. Without them, we'd have no doctors, no lawyers, no presidents, no anything. Teachers prepare kids for the world and the second week in May is good time for the world to show some love.

If you or your school or your local PTA is interested, a friend in Georgia is sponsoring a national campaign to unite teachers in "appreciation solidarity!" Please click here to visit For Educator's Only, for more information about you can show your appreciation to a teacher this year!

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