Friday, November 18, 2011

Common Core Resources for PE Teachers

I've been working on developing resources for Special Area teachers around the Common Core standards.  As I work with teachers who teach these subjects, it's becoming apparent that while there may be a willingness, there is not a path.

I put together a LiveBinder today of resources for Physical Education teachers. I'm still adding to it, but wanted to go ahead and share it. There is still much to consider and I'll be adding to it as I find relevant resources, but I hope that Phys Ed teachers will be able to start using what is there already.

The Common Core is asking all teachers to be Literacy Support Systems for students. If they can't read well, then everything they do will be more difficult. Those of us that are doing this work honor the fact that training in literacy may not have taken place in some of the content areas, thus we are providing as much relevant information as possible as this gets rolled out to teachers.

Hopefully, teachers will find something useful here!

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