Friday, September 2, 2011

Common Core Standards Crosswalk EZ

I created a video this morning to help teachers with a quick way to familiarize themselves with the Common Core standards, compare them to current practice, and help to make alignment to the standards practical and efficient.

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  1. Just a couple of additional notes:

    --Because this is a quick overview, I neglected to mention that the standards were about student learning, rather than teaching. (Though I do want teachers to see what is represented in their current practice...) When I talk about what "I" might do in my class, it's meant to be around a frame of instructional practice and through a student learning lens. (Thanks to the wife for pointing this out!)
    --Also, I've blogged about this process in general before, and the original idea for this came from Sue Rothwell at Erie 1 BOCES in West Seneca, New York. (The blog post is called the Cure for the Common Core.) My version is a derivative of Sue's version. Also, she's a superstar educator. #justsayin'