Monday, July 26, 2010


I saw a misspelling today of the word Education.

It was spelled EDUACTION.

Without knowing it, someone sparked a call to arms--a wake up call to what needs to be going on in classrooms around the world. Any of the following could be their own blog post--and I encourage you to blog it up and come back here and share your thoughts. What are you doing to take ACTION in your classrooms? In your districts? In your work that relates to the learning of students, whatever your role?

Are you:
  • Upgrading your curriculum and finding alternative, 21st Century ways of providing evidence of student learning?
  • Reaching out to other parts of the world and bringing Global opportunities into your program?
  • Upgrading methodologies and teaching in a way that reflects a classroom in 2010, or one that reflects a classroom from 1975?
  • Letting research based instructional strategies guide what you do?
  • Creating communities for learning that include students?
  • Letting students be stakeholders in the designing of curriculum and assessments?
  • Integrating 21st Century skills beyond technology: critical thinking, collaboration, evaluation, etc?
  • Replacing dated assessments with more modern evidence of learning?
In short, what "EDU-ACTIONS" are you taking?

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