Friday, May 21, 2010

Exciting Storybird News!

Yesterday, I received an email from Mark Ury at Storybird inviting me to try out some of their new features, which includes TEACHER ACCOUNTS! Teachers can now add their own class, add students, and the website will generate access codes so that students DON'T NEED EMAIL ADDRESSES! YEAH!

But they didn't stop there! The folks at Storybird also added the ability to add assignments and discussions around the Storybirds that students might make. Additionally, they've added opportunities to collaborate on projects both locally and/or internationally making this tool a great one for the Globalization of Curriculum!

These new features won't be available for a couple more weeks, but I'm embedding a sneak preview in the form of a "How To" to make it even easier for teachers to take advantage of this awesome option!

Many, many thanks to Storybird for the opportunity and the new fantastic options!

Storybird Class Directions


  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I have been using Storybird with my class for the past month or so. Teacher accounts would be great and make things much easier to manage.

  3. Hey everyone!

    I have also been using Storybird for awhile and just love it. I have also been playing around with the teacher accounts and they are working out really well. The students love it and it is easy to manage though there are a couple of glitches with it being still fairly new.

    I have also started a Storybird Ning for teachers to share ideas and resources for using technology tools like Storybird in writing. It's still fairly new so I am looking for more people to come and join us! You can visit us at!

    Ian Hancock
    Grade 2/3