Thursday, June 4, 2009

Virtual Summer Camp for Teachers!

Now that the year is winding down, have you thought about what you'll do this summer?  Who am I kidding--you've probably been dreaming about this summer for months!

Let me rephrase the question.  After you run out of things you've Tivo'd, after you run out of books you've been saving until the summer, after you get tired of laying around on the couch all day-- you know what, this isn't looking any better.  Who gets tired of rest and relaxation? 

Let's just say that if you need an opportunity to develop professionally or hone your technology skills, there are several online opportunities available this summer that you can work on when you have time--and best of all--they are FREE!

I'm posting an initial list here, and will be adding to it as I come across more opportunities.

Enjoy your summer, but if you want to learn something new--check out the following:

Virtual Summer Camp

PB Works Summer Camp - Learn how to WIKI!

Learn about Second Life in Education

Learn about Connecting to Other Teachers using Social Networking

Learn 21 things that the 21st Century Educator Should Know!

Learn about Google Earth

100 Free Online Lectures to help you be a better teacher!

Learn about Web 2.0

How to use Animoto

Learn about using Wikispaces

Learn about Podcasting

Larry Ferlazzo's "Best Of" series...

Learn about Social Bookmarking

Check back...more to come!



  1. Great options! I'm going for the Ferlazzo site and the 21 Things site. Thanks.

  2. Its really great options here. I am going to apeare in my TExES exams soon, still I am interested in it. Here you provide great links.

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