Monday, May 4, 2009

New TEACHMeet Contest!!

Here’s another chance to win a professional development book and the rules are still SUPER EASY!!!

Here's the Prize you're playing for:  Brain Friendly Study Strategies
Again, some of our local educators are putting together our first of what we hope will be many TeachMeets at the end of May.  INFO HERE  The TeachMeet is an "unconference" where we get all of the good stuff we as teachers want, but ditch all the boring stuff that folks sometimes feel forced into participating in!

All you have to do to be considered for the prize is send out a tweet about our TEACHMEET!  But, the catch is, you have to use this hashtag:  #wnytm in your tweet and direct the tweet to this blog post or the TEACHMeet Wiki (links below).    OR—all new registrants on the TEACHMeet Wiki will automatically be entered—including all of those that have already registered!  YOU CAN REGISTER HERE!

The contest is open from now until Thursday at 5:00 PM.  Winner will be announced here on Thursday night. (And then I'll contact you directly about shipping.)  This time, I'll also use TweetGrid to find all of the tweets with the #wnytm hashtag as well as the registrants through the WNY TEACHMeet Wiki, then number them, and finally, use a web service to randomly select a number!  (See previous blog entry for last contest…)

Good luck, and thanks for helping us spread the word!  (Also, if you'd like to send emails to those you think would be interested, that would be great too!  Just direct them to TeachMeet Wiki at the above address.)

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