Friday, February 20, 2009


Several days/posts ago, I was talking about Digital Learning Networks and expanding your Personal Learning Network.  A friend wrote about our conversation around this and it made me think of the structure of an atom.  The more you add to it, the more complex the atom becomes.  You can be a lone atom with just personal knowledge, but you could also be radioactive--a glowing source of energy when you add multiple levels of insight to your "base."  As I construct staff development around the creation of these "Digital Learning Networks," this will be something that I come back to again and again.  It's not a conversation to determine which is better, it's a conversation around finding a "fit" or a "niche" that teachers can benefit from.  More at the "ever under construction" DLN/PLN wiki:


  1. I really like the atom metaphor, Mike. Makes a lot of sense.

  2. Sorry Mike--I think this may have once linked to the post I did with all of the avatars--many of which are now "dead." Deleted, sadly : (