Sunday, December 28, 2008

1st Post...

What to write, what to write?

Since I have a pretty significant online footprint already, adding another blog doesn't seem to be that big of a step outside of my box.  However, I rarely write about the teaching and learning that go along with educational technology, if for no other reason than I haven't had the space to do it in.  I write and share a lot on twitter, but sometimes I need more room to express what I'm trying to say.  Hence, DigiGogy--my views on Learning and Teaching with technology, as we begin to unravel that line between digital native and digital immigrant--creating a new digital pedagogy that embraces rather than excludes.

It is my intention to up-end tradition, then bury it completely.  What used to be right and acceptable is no longer.  Sage on the stage, drill and skill, even plain old lecturing--all going the way of 8-track tapes.  The new way is here, and it demands changes in the ways that teachers do their jobs.  It's all about Sharing, Organizing, Collaboration, Engagement, Revising and Remixing, Networking, and learning TOGETHER.

Our classrooms aren't inside four walls anymore, they are the world.  We must invite so that we are invited, riding a new wave of learning that is like nothing we've ever seen before.


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  1. Well it's about time you started this blog, Fisher! Nice to see you in the educational blogosphere and I'm glad to have you writing about teaching. I look forward to some powerful Fisherisms coming from this spot and hope you find the experience is powerful for you as well.